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I've paid for some music from an artist, how do i download it?

Login to your Account you made while checking out, you will be at the Dashboard screen after logging in, now locate the 'My Downloadable Products' tab and all of your downloads will be in here if paid for correctly.

I didn't sign up for an Account, i just used the Express Checkout

After payment has been sucessfully transferred, Paypal should automatically direct you back to the Liquiform Records site and there should be a link for your downloads you purchased.

I couldn't download the music even after i paid for it

Don't worry, all you have to do is find your invoice that the Liquiform Records Store automatically sends to you in your email address you registered with and send that invoice to and once confirmed by members of our team, we will send you a ZIP of the tracks you purchased.

Why do you use your own site and not the Major Digital Download Stores?

Because purchasing through the Liquiform Records Store there is no cuts between the Digital Download Stores/Label/Artist, the Liquiform Records process is purely an Artist/Label relationship, so purchasing through our store, this will support the artist greater than that of iTunes/Beatport/Digital Download Stores.

I can't buy through your Web Store

Don't worry we will be getting our releases on All Major Digital Download Stores, it may be a while before we can submit everything to the Digital Download Stores but after that we will always be giving the option of that and our own Store.

My downloaded files are corrupt

(Please refer to step 2 and follow that same process)

I can't find an option to pay other than Paypal

As Paypal doesn't require a Paypal Account but does accept all major forms of Credit and Debit cards without signing up.